About Marina and What She Does….

Marina is an emotional wellbeing and Personal coach as well as an Intuitive Healer. She has always been one of those personalities that people often feel “they can trust”. Throughout her life, she has been sought out as a person who will listen to another's woes and offer sound advice.In her career experiences she has enjoyed an exciting Journey firstly in Fine Arts then moving to Horticulture for 16 years, Massage Therapist, Psychosomatic and Intuitive healer for 15 years and now carries these skills into the Coaching space with a background in Neuro Linguistics Programming and Hypnotherapy.

In Marina's ability to work with people, she has noticed any specific problem a client had, be it acute or chronic, was often “whittled down” to a lack of purpose and meaning in life. Those that had experienced a lack of connection to self, lost in their role in their community and finding their lives to be lack lustre. Marina reaches out to all of those that are experiencing GroundHog day and wanting more quality and meaning in life.Those who are informed, inquisitive, learned and on a journey of self growth and discovery. Many has helped many an individual with a strong moral compassion who want to contribute more, without the need to feel so burnt out and lost in the stresses of daily life. If you are yearning to be who you truly are and play an impactful role in your community – Then WELCOME sister! (or brother!)

If you are feeling lost in your pain, sorrow and acute or chronic pain, then please…


Marina comes from a place of understanding pain and emotional turmoil, and through her abilities is able to 'tap into' this emotional pain to help the client transmute it.

Marina will help you to rebuild confidence and release self doubt, inviting you to grow into the magnificent divine being you are.
Marina often works with Women, but also Men and families to help them move through difficult periods in life. Marina's knowledge of working with massage clients has shown her that physical ailments have manifested from a deeper emotional upset or imbalance.
She offers a space of trust where the client can feel into their hurts, fears and vulnerabilities. This allows them time and space to discover their true gifts and who they truly are, replenishing hope in themselves.

If you are committed to growing, learning and caring for self, then Marina invites you to step up and breathe new life into the desires of your soul purpose.