These are 1:1 Sessions. Available Onsite or Online.
If you have you lost hope in a situation and feel there is no way out…I can help…
If you need support and ashamed or feel judgment from others then this is for you
If you are just PLAIN STUCK , then this will help!
These can be useful is someway similar to Hypnotherapy. By creating the picture in our mind we use our imagination to create new synapses to create new habits. Via neuroplasticity of the brain we can create the life we want. Think of it as a brain hack. Your body does not know the difference between thinking a thought and doing the action.
Meditation uses the imagination and support from the group to raise the energy of your ability to create the outcome you want. It is said that by simply writing down your goals gives them 42% better chance of them happening!

What is the underlying cause or your emotional outbursts?

When we speak with our friends and family about such problems, their best interests can hold bias that doesn’t allow the opportunity for clear perspective of self to show. This is not uncommon and more often than not, small problems can be solved with loved ones.
However, sometimes in order for us to move forward, we need a person outside of that familiar fold that can keep us stuck in a perspective that does not serve us.
By collaborating with me, I can help you get clear on what your needs are in a judgement free space.
This style of therapy is a collaboration only FOR YOU! 😊

My offering is a 6 week program, which allows you to ‘clear out’ your negative emotional closet.
Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, Time Line Therapy ® and Create your future ®
These negative emotions keep you stuck and often repeating the same mistakes over and over.

… are you a road rager or passive aggressive

Think of “Anger” as a classic one… are you a road rager or passive aggressive?.. or just cry yourself to sleep at night?

Another aspect is your language in unravelling Limiting Beliefs, comments such as “I’m not good enough”. These are the thoughts or programs that run in the back of your mind that take up space and can end up a ‘resident’ in your psyche. This unnecessary information can distract you, talk you out of and completely sabotage your dreams!

Do you often feel like…”I'm not good enough”

All these thoughts and processes can be re written…BY YOU!!
So we collaborate to unravel what limits you, find the space where potential and excitement is and forecast new goals into your life with a process called Create Your Future (trademark)

Lets have a chat….. We can then decide if you are a suitable for a 6 week course, to clear out your emotional closet of its negative emotions and limiting decisions.
Collaborate with me to rewrite new belief's and future goals to place into your future timeline.

Where do I begin?

Book a Discovery Call .
What’s a discovery call?
Well,basically it's a call I have with you to see if you are the “right fit”
Put it this way, I don’t want to waste your time ‘thinking’ I can help you if I don’t have the right tools for the job. This call is a great way to identify what you need, see if we gel with each other and be sure I can offer the results you are looking for.
This is a paid session, and the reason for that is, often this will unearth some interesting reflections for you about what it is you want in life.
This call will also clarify for me and you if this is the right program for you.
And info from the ‘disco call’ gets used in the program designed for you…no info gets wasted!
basically… we leave no stone unturned!
See…we both win!

So you see by having someone to “spill the beans” to in a judgement free space…… you can freely explore what holds you back. By putting yourself in this sacred space you honour your most vulnerable self. Often then what happens is, you begin to embrace that part of yourself, that needs a little extra attention, love and healing
I say…

Begin your Journey…

Why be your own worst enemy, when you can be your own best friend!?

Once we make you into your own best friend we can then build new habits and set clear positive goals and intentions for your future. How exciting!
This is a transformative journey that can kick start you in your life and help you propel forward particularly if you have been in a slump.
It’s a collaborative process between Marina and yourself and requires that you play 100% to commit to building a better life for you!

This is for you if…

  • You are looking for a kickstart in life and really want to move towards something amazing
  • Want to create a change or let go of something that’s been holding you back, and don't necessarily know what it is
  • If you have already been on a journey of self growth and want something more in life
  • Eager to achieve something more in life
  • Want accountability with a coach who will offer compassionate, yet firm boundaries to challenge you to grow and step outside of your shell
  • Are willing to invest in your self and your self discovery journey

For the curious…

Timeline Therapy is a technique that has been used successfully on ex militants of war in Afghanistan and Iraq to help remove trauma and negative emotions.
Collaborate with me to rewrite new beliefs and future goals to place into your future timeline.
to install new habits and goals you would like to achieve and use Hypnotherapy if required to consolidate and support any movement forward.
If you are looking for a shift in your psyche and want to feel the motivation and zest for life again, then this is a quick way to make changes in your life.

Whats included

Onsite or Online
Removing Negative Emotions
Removing Limiting Beleifs
Time Line therapy ®
Create Your Future ®
Hypnotherapy if required
1:1 sessions
6week x @ 60mins each
Direct message support during week,business hours via text or Facebook messenger.

Flexible Payment options available
1 day Breakthrough (condensed 6 week program) also available.

I look forward to collaborating with you

“breathe new life into the desires of your soul purpose”

You are few and far between
I am very grateful to Marina, for introducing me to her Values Test.
It highlighted for me, areas in my life that needed my attention.
Her guidance has allowed me to view my current circumstances through different eyes, and to look forward with anticipation, passion and confidence towards my future.