Intuition; Healings & Readings

I really enjoy working people. Nothing makes me happier than to offer a service, where the client walks away having a connection with what I do.
I must love it… I've been doing it since 2003!
Before I stumbled into the healing arena, I was often sought out by friends and colleagues…as I developed my skill more, more people, including my family also began to seek my advice. I know right… me being one of the younger of nine kids, I was often NOT asked for advice as the old adage goes “respect your elders” so my opinion didn’t hold much weight growing up, because 'everyone else knew more than me' ( another limiting belief I had:/ )
Well now my lending ear was not only sought out by friends& family but also complete strangers!, wow! Did I have a sign on my head…that said “speak to me in times of need”
I also often found myself mediating for others and offering sage advice in a time of need, or sometimes even when no solution felt possible. And more often than not, saying the darndest thing! enough that the person would relay that’s what they were thinking or the relationship to that which I mentioned, held great significance to them.

Let me help you understand your direction and assist with focus & problem solving

So, anyhow what I learnt was, that over time what most people required at their core is Love and Acknowledgement. Could you imagine if everyone received this, what a happier place the world would be?
After coming to terms with having some kind of spiritual gift of Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Clairvoyance ( although I gotta say I don’t like labels, it’s the Sagittarius in me not wanting to be caged! )
I began to offer many a spiritual “message” or prediction and often, been astounded by the accuracy.
I’ve also been told by many a psychic or medium that she should be embracing such work and speaking to crowds! …eek!!
It would be commonplace for one of my clients to come back to me sometime later, months even years and say

“You know that thing you said…” with some kind of validation of the predication made.

Mind you, I don’t search or seek to do this, it was something that took a long time to accept. But I do believe we all have Divine Wisdom and insight, maybe for some it’s more developed.
I’m also a strong believer in the abilities and complexities of the human mind, I believe all humans are capable of manifesting whatever they desire and encourage my clients to trust their gut instincts in helping to find their own solutions.
I can think of many a conversation/reading with a client or friend, where they have ‘known’ the solution, but it did not yet seem apparent to them at the time.
Be aware here that the word “apparent “ relates to “apparition” which when looking at the etymology of the word means ‘attendance’. Is this attending to that, which we do not yet see?
So in choosing to have a session of Intuitive Insight and healing, you may find that it is more a conversation that you invite yourself to have with the part of yourself that you haven’t explored yet or alternatively you can just
Relax and lie down on the massage table and enjoy the process, calm and peaceful, while I share any insights with you
I have also enjoyed having success with clients doing guided meditations, creating a picture of relaxation in their mind and body, where they can heal past hurts or mend less favourable memories from their past. When we attend to these fears and hurts, we open a new door to creating courage and empowerment that promote more positive solutions and outcomes.
I think of my style of readings or healings as guided and insightful conversations and or meditations. This may differ a little as every session is individual to each client.
My techniques may include “hands on” healing techniques, Divination cards or a guided meditation and music or may simply feel like a conversation with a friend.
It’s interesting that when I connect in conversation with someone, my intuitive insight really charges up. This is why I have also completed studies in Coaching to help more people.

Because I love it… seeing you smile, makes me smile!!

Whatever problem you have, I enjoy setting about finding the space where whatever you need is facilitated for healing to occur and help move you in the right direction. But please be aware not to have any expectation of what it should be like as ALL sessions are individual.
If you want to refer a friend or relative who live a distance and would be unable to attend…

Do not despair… these sessions can be just as effective online as they are onsite!!

Marina you are amazing at what you do.
You have provided me so many spiritual healings and have always been spot on with what you have told me
Marina is amazing at what she does on so many levels.
Marina is compassionate, empathetic, understanding and has brilliant insight to help you move through the process.
She has provided a safe and judgement free space in order to allow me to gain the most benefit I can from her expertise in coaching and healing.
You have an ability to see through the veil and connect with guides and benevolent beings.
When you receive a message that is so specific to you which you have an innate knowing that is true,it is a liberating experience as you are able to release pent up trauma which has alot of the time manifested in the physical