Hypnotherapy & Meditation

This is ideal if you are:

  • Looking for a way to Break old habits & build new ones
  • Have an old habit that you just can't shake?
  • Trying to achieve something and just not quite getting the results you're after
  • Working towards a goal and feel like you can’t quite get there
  • Help in creating your future goals and aspirations!
  • Needing the right peson around to help you manifest your goals

Help Create a space for healthy habits to grow and emerge!!?

So after working so many years in massage relaxing people, I discovered that I was able to help clients create positive outcomes for their solutions by guiding them through meditation.
Putting this person into a Theta state helped them relax into the suggestion or outcome they were looking for!

By bringing the mind into Theta space we promote healing and change

At the very least clients were experiencing a deeper state of relaxation and the next day noticing feeling different in a positive way.
By combining Meditation and Hypnotherapy techniques or even using Hypno or meditation in their own rite, we are able to harness solutions and aspirations that you have always wished to achieve.

…Imagine if you could hack your brain!!?…

This tapping into the unconscious mind helps to release the grasp of any limiting belief that we have about ourselves…things like
“I'm not good enough”, “I don't deserve it/this” or “I don't love myself”

By allowing the Conscious and unconscious mind to work together in getting the results you begin to create a space where we allow the mind to change through Neuro plasticity which promotes learning, can heal and offers new possibilities for change.

Dare to dream!… and create

Of course if you have some major issues an much grief or trauma you may need something more to help you through…
It may be suitable to work through other issues holding you back, or you may simply want to open up new avenues to how you view life, for example; changing your money mindset or finding someone to love.
Hypnotherapy is a really powerful tool that can enhance positive change in your life.

Whether you want to Quit Smoking or Lose weight, the applications for Hypnotherapy are far and wide.
Marina has had success in eliminating fears for example; with a client fearful of needles prior to surgery , now her client does not fear surgery when its required!
Consider what fears you have and how you can retrain your mind with hypnosis and alleviate the fears that holds you back.

Work with the body, not against it!

Common Questions about Hypnosis

What to expect?
A conversation prior to, to ascertain any thought processes that restrict you from achieving your goal.
You will then be required to lie down or sit in a comfortable position.
It is important that you feel comfortable and in rapport with the therapist to achieve an optimum result.

Am I in control?
Yes! your unconcious mind will not allow harm to come to you. We can talk about this more before a session and any questions welcomed to ally any fears you may have.

How long does it take?
This will depend on what you attend for. Generally no more than 90mins.
More than one session may be required. Hypnosis is not a “quick fix' or 'cure all' but it is a magnificent tool for allowing the mind to interrupt old neural pathways in our brain and create new ways, to enable positive change.

What do I need to do?
Collaborate with Marina, answer questions as truthfully as you can so we can have the best information at hand to help you beat old habits. Enjoy the process. Go in with no expectation. You are not able to see the physical changes to the brain after hypnosis…but you will notice things are different as you start to be aware of your decisions.

Is it like on stage hypnosis?
Yes, only in the sense that all hypnosis created equal.
But also – No, in the sense that I won't get you clucking like a chicken, unless of course that’s your goal:)



…the list is endless….